Message from the Board

Dear Homeowners and Residents,

The Brookwood Crossing Homeowners Association Board of Directors (BOD) would like to thank each and every homeowner that attended the November 2nd Meeting at Maple Creek.

The purpose of this meeting was to introduce Your HOA Community Management as our new management company and to answer questions and address concerns about this decision.

Below are a few important items that we would like everyone to be aware of:

1. Collection of Dues: Brookwood Crossing, HOA will be sending every homeowner with a back due amount to the Association’s Attorney on December 31st, 2016. You have until that date to make any back due payments to bring your account to Current Status. Once your account has been sent to collections, there is nothing that the association can do to help.

2. Code Enforcement: If you are in violation of the Codes and Covenants, please take the necessary steps immediately to remedy it. Starting this month, with help from the Management Company and the Association’s Attorneys, code enforcement will be high on our list of to do’s.

3. Dues Payments: 2017 Spring Dues notices will go out February 1st (Due March 15th) and Fall Dues notices will go out July 1st (Due August 15th). Unpaid Spring or Fall payments will accrue late fees separately. Please pay each payment on time. Any unpaid balance will promptly be sent to the associations attorneys.

3. Community Website: As you have noticed, we now have a community website. This site will be a central hub for the community that will house all of the information that any homeowner would need. You will see meeting minutes, association financial documents, a calendar of meetings and more!

Thank you to everyone for your help in this matter. The continued success of the community is our number one priority.



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